Sunday, September 3, 2017

Interior Design Project Pictures - This one is a stand alone Modular Kitchen in Bangalore

While this project was completed quite a while back, we were able to take some good pics just last week. Posting a few of them here. This one is in Acrylic finish

Modular Kitchen - Full View

View from the Breakfast Counter

Kitchen Corner Unit Storage

Kitchen Drawer Storage



  1. Hi Nandita,

    Came across your blog while I am struggling to finalise the material to be used for kitchen cabinets. I have to say you are doing an amazing job espically for NRI's with limited knowledge about the latest trends and material availability.I am currently assisting my mother in selecting her kitchen cabinets for her new home. I managed to get 3 quotes and I have to say , I am in a pickle as the 3 quotes are with different materials:

    1)17mm laminated marine plywood BWR , 6mmm box work
    2) 16mm HDF with 5mm box work
    3)laminated Marine Ply(Fine ply-303 Grade) of 16mm and 4mm Hilam sheet or 6mm laminated ply box work with Hardwood MDF(Green/Jacwood super
    D/Duratuff) square edge Shutters

    If cost is not a factor could you please advice which would be the best material to be used from the above 3?
    or if you would recommend a different material?

    Hoping to hear from you at the earliest.


    1. Please refer the article on "What Material to use for Woodrork" at


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