Saturday, October 15, 2011

Home Interiors - Some photographs of my latest project @ Elita Promennade


Before I get into the visuals...I have been getting questions on design best practices, materials to be used for interiors etc. from a number of you. This blog already has posts written earlier that answer some of these questions. As a refresher the links are given below. One more thing ... the blog archive (Look in the left pane of this page) has more than just what is mentioned below...feel free to browse through the same as well.

1. Choosing the right material for Woodwork

2. Thumb-rules for Costing & Budgeting for Interiors

3. Design best practices for making Sliding Wardrobes

4. Design best practices for building a modular kitchen

....and finally - here are the photographs...would welcome any bouquets & brickbats :)



Book rack in veneer and wood
Elita Promenade - Book Rack & Show Case.
The pebbles in the bottom part of the unit are still to be put in

Foyer Unit
Elita Promenade - Entry Wall
I hand painted a part of this personally :)

Elita Promenade - Another view of the bookshelf.
Now you can see where the pebbles will go in

Elita Promenade - Sliding Wardrobe
Laminate & Glass Shutters & Metallic Edge Handles

Elita Promenade - Kids Study Area

Wall papered panel
Elita Promenade - Wall paper in Kids Room. Bed Headboard in Leather

Elita Promenade - Dressing Table

Elita Promenade - Master Bedroom Sliding Wardrobe
Laminate & Metallic Edge Handles

Elita Promenade - Guest BR Wardrobe
In Veneer & Melamine Matt

Elita Promenade - Bathroom Storage

Duco painted wall panel
Elita Promenade - Dining Table, Bar Unit & Wall Pannel (in Duco)

Membrane Shutters
Elita Promenade - Kitchen Counter top is Quartz

Elita Promenade - Breakfast Counter Cum Storage. Acrylic (Hanex) Counter Top

Elita Promenade - Kitchen - Another Angle

Kitchen Storage
Elita Promenade - One More Kitchen
the LED lights are visible in this photograph

Elita Promenade - Storage under the Breakfast Counter

Elita Promenade - Full Modular Kitchen

Elita Promenade - Dining Table, Bar Unit, Wall Paneling, Book Rack

Pooja Unit Lighting
Elita Promenade - Unit hosting the 4.5 feet Krishna Statue.
The whole living room was designed around this unit

Elita Promenade - Another image of the Krishna unit (in Duco) - with the lights off