Sunday, August 20, 2017

Elder Friendly Home Interior Design

This subject has been close to my heart and I had written this article a long time ago. Glad to announce that the article was featured in Deccan Herald last Friday.
I have been of a firm opinion that Interior design is not just about the woodwork nor the decor but really about defining the life and lifestyle of the residing family. Making one's home elder friendly through intelligent, insightful and practical design is one such area where the real value of residential Interior Design stands out.
The detailed article is available at
Do read and share as this is something that everyone who has an elderly person at home should know.




  1. Great post Nandita!!
    Have you ever worked on anti-skid solutions for living/kitchen area? I do see some anti skid runner mats for kitchen etc.. Are they effective? I m looking for some anti skid mat runner material for my kitchen, bathroom passageway areas? Any ideas

    1. Runner mats may create their own sets of problems as someone might just trip on them. There are some anti skid treatments available in the market (for e.g. I have however not personally used them and cannot vouch for their effectiveness.


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