Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Plywood Fakes in the Bangalore Market and a brief interaction with the Kitply Management on the same

A few days back I happened to get an email from a senior member of the Kitply Management team acknowledging the issue of Plywood Fakes available in the market. The gentleman also mentioned some of the things that Kitply is trying to do to weed out the fakes.

I am reproducing the communication below as this will be of interest to the readers of this blog. Note that this is not a recommendation nor an endorsement of Kitply's products or the company.


From: Gaurav Goenka 
Date: Fri, Aug 18, 2017 at 4:23 PM
Subject: kitply fakes
To: nanditamanwani@gmail.com

Dear nandita,

I write to you as a senior member of the kitply management.

I happened to come across your blog and congratulate you for the wonderful work you do and respect your views that you don’t want to be associated with any product/brand and as you very rightly said it will defeat the purpose of your blog.

I reached out to you as I see that though you have recommended kitply but as you very rightly said there were many fakes in the market of our brand.and this very feedback has come to us from various sources.keeping this in mind all products sold by us in south india now carry a special hologram with a QR code which can be scanned by downloading an app on google play store/apple store.once a customer scans this he shall come to know if its a original kit ply product or a duplicate.we track all searches from the app and if there are any hits in the app for duplicate products we follow up instantly and also have a customer care helpline for the same.i have enclosed a recent ad we published in toi bangalore for your reference.currently we use our partners app which we will be upgrading after the phenomenal response we have received.i am enclosing the same for you the understand the technology.

For your info we test marketed this in karnataka and are launching our own kitply app and the qr system all over india by next month in order to eradicate this problem which happens with all leading brands.we shall be the first and only plywood brand doing this as most leading brands are faked by major dealers/distributors themselves.

I thank you for your views and help which you do by your blog  and please do let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Sincere regards




  1. Neem Gold Plywood used for making Wardrobe - What is the best rate per sq ft possible in Bangalore and any Brand names you can suggest.


    1. I have not used Neem Gold hence cannot comment. Usually any ISI Marked ply in the range of approx Rs 70 psft for 19mm MR Grade & Rs 100 psft for BWR Grade is fine to use

  2. True, the fakes are everywhere. Its not just ply, when I bought Legrand MCBs the dealer was showing me an exact replica of it which is a duplicate. An end user can never differentiate between them. But its shocking to know that even the big distributors indulging themselves in this act, just for more margin. Its a good move from kitply to save its customers. Thanks for the info!


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