Friday, October 6, 2017

Recent Press coverage of our work

We have been getting some love from the press lately :). Please read about it here



PS: If you have a question to ask then please note: On Nov 15th we have launched the Q&A module on The Studio website. The Q&A interface on this blog was unable to scale to the number of questions that we have been getting - you would have noticed being unable to  scroll down to a question once the number of questions below a certain post increases beyond a certain limit. 
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  1. hi nandita,
    My name is Preeta and i hv been following your blog since we decided to start doing the interiors of our house. Your blog has been very informative for me. Thank you for all those blog posts.

    I have a query and would like your input and suggestions, I wanted to go in for ready made factory hi gloss laminate shutters for our wardrobes. Which brand would you suggest for factory made shutters. And do you have any idea about its availability in vadodara Gujarat.

    1. You may go with Evershine or Indoline. Both should be available in Vadodara

  2. Hello , Can you please guide for basic lighting for residential interiors, so that the space does not get overly lit up

    1. Refer


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