Friday, February 23, 2018

Looking for an interior designer in Bangalore? Not sure of the value that an Interior designer may bring? ... then read on

Today's edition of Deccan Herald hosts an article on the value that an interior designer adds to the home making process as well as tips on how to go about looking for the right designer for your home.

The author has encapsulated views from prominent interior designers in Bangalore to make a comprehensive presentation.

The article is available at , do read. It will be helpful to folks setting up or getting ready for their new home.



  1. Hi mam
    I love the simplicity of your projects.
    our house construction is almost over at Kerala. Would you please suggest a good option (waterproof material) to cover the three sides of our terrace area so that clothes can be washed and hung without affecting privacy also it needs to be used as recreation area where we can enjoy fresh air.(we don't prefer jalli screen) please reply soon.

    1. Thanks. For exterior partitions you may use a iron/ steel frame with ACP or wood panels. The panels can also be in Cast Iron however in Kerala climate that may rust.
      You also get regular wooden or bamboo fencing that you can use


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