Monday, October 29, 2018

Taking blogging to the next level - My Interior Design Masterclass

Since now I had a big enough place at the new experience center I thought why not!!! SO...we are taking this blog to the next level by ACTUALLY inviting home makers to the experience center and doing a show and tell of residential design principles, lighting, furniture placement and all the things that we have been talking about during the last 8 years on this blog. So if you have anyone who may be interested then do encourage them to attend. The registration link is here or you could just drop me an email.

There is a small registration fee just to keep the free boarders away and ensure serious attendees, the fee will cover regular chai pani type expenses and the objective is NOT to make money from the masterclass. looking at the response I might make future workshops free.

This is another first that I am trying out in my interior designer journey - a wee bit nervous too ... so wish me luck



Monday, October 15, 2018

Interior Design Project at Sarjapur Road Bangalore - Some Pictures

Here are some pics from a recent project at Sarjapur Road Bangalore. Hope you like them.


Bar Unit

Crockery Unit & Partition

Dining Room

Entertainment Room with Low Seating and Rope Partition


Daughter's room in Princess Theme

Living Room - Contemporary Vibrant Theme



Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Some Pictures of our Interior Design Experience Center

We recently started hosting clients at our Interior Design Experience Center and it is a whole new feeling to do an actual show and tell the Interior Design best practices that I have been speaking of all these years. Below are some initial pictures of the Experience Center Interiors.

Decor at the Interior Design Experience Center

Example of Lighting at the Interior Design Experience Center

Wall Decor & Lighting at the Center

Wall Panel Lighting

Murals and Staircase Beautification at the Interior Design Experience Center

I look forward to seeing you at the center. Meetings are by appointment, feel free to call and schedule a visit