About Me

When I made my own home in Bangalore some 10 years back, came to realize how much goes into making one and the learning that happens along the way & by the end of it one feels so much that could have been done differently ... longing for a chance to do it "better" all over again. Well I took that call and decided to help others make their home. A lot, including founding The Studio has happened during these 10 years, however helping people realize their dream called home continues to be a passion, much more than just a profession.
I can be reached at nandita@thestudiobangalore.com

PS 1: If you have a query on Home Interiors please drop a comment on the blog under any of the posts. Emails to nandita@thestudiobangalore.com with general queries sometimes get lost in the volume of work related email.

PS 2: I am not associated with nor do I endorse any brand or vendor mentioned in any of my blog posts. As a policy I do not blog or write for endorsements or money (thankfully God has been kind enough) as that defeats the entire purpose of what this blog stands for.


  1. Hi Nandita, Thanks for your valuable blogs. It educate me a lot. I was wondering whether you can do interior for my flat. If yes, then how i can reach you.

    1. You may please send me a mail with your interior needs. I am at nanditamanwani@gmail.com


  2. Happend to stumble across your blog while searching something and I must say I am blown away by the amount of knowledge you have on this sector. It is really nice to see someone sharing out so much information free of cost. God bless :)

  3. Thanks a lot for doing this. Regardless of whether I will become your future client or not, your blogs are educational, fun and straight shooting. Major social service you are doing here- Aditi


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