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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

"The Studio" - now on Facebook : A photo palate for interiors in the "Indian" context


Over the last few months, I realized that I have been accumulating a good number of photographs of interior work - both ongoing and finished, on my phone and nearly none had found their way to this blog. The prime culprit - the thought that I will "one day" get a good photographer to cover "finished" interiors of the entire project/s and then put the best ones out here .... a "one day" that is yet to come :(

There is a lot that pictures communicate, not just how good (or bad) the interiors look but also insight into what goes into creating good designs - thus initiating and invigorating the viewers' own thoughts & ideas. What I also found was that while the western world has its's and other websites, there is hardly ANY place that has insight into home interiors in the Indian context...let me explain what that means.

As Indians our needs are fairly unique and these need to be factored in while designing homes - things such as gas cylinders in the kitchen, a place for storing slippers in the foyer and a provision for people to sit and put their shoes on, false ceilings that need to take care of accommodating the ceiling fan (ask a westerner what a ceiling fan is and watch his expression), storage spaces in the kitchen for lines of boxes containing different spices - the small - small boxes that we have quite similar to the ones in the paan shop :), the puja unit, the jhoola in the living room... I could keep going on and on but I guess you get what I mean by design in an "Indian" context.

So back to the point - if you look around for ideas and pictures of designs that cater to our Indian needs you will hardly find much on the Internet. The facebook page of The Studio is an attempt to fulfill that exact gap - apart from getting all those photographs out from my phone that is :). It is also a forum I am experimenting with for a more continuous interaction with my readers (you).

I will be glad if you visit the page (it's at and give me your feedback - a "like" if you like it or a comment if you see something amiss and want it added. Just be a little considerate as the content on the page is only what was added this afternoon after the page was created. Based on your feedback it will grow over time.

While it's said that a picture says a thousand words, sometimes those thousand words need to be written down for the best impact. Therefore this blog will continue to be THE medium for exchanging thoughts, questions & ideas. The Facebook page will serve as a medium of conveying some of those ideas through pictures. And both this blog and the Facebook page will interlink to bring you the best of each. Also, if you have any picture that conveys a unique idea/ thought or lifestyle then do please share and I will be more than happy to put that up ... just ensure that it is not copyrighted.

As always will welcome your feedback

Signing off


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Saturday, June 26, 2010

So what is a modular kitchen? .... and some best practices

I recently came across a customer who was told by his "designer" (more carpenter) that the kitchen he has made for the customer is Modular because ... "see it has these steel baskets and I will also put in a magic corner". Ha, haa I thought, this needs some explanation, why don't I use this topic as my first post in the blog. So here goes....aaaum ganeshaya namah...

With so many scrupulous and un-scrupulous designers, carpenters, interior-walas selling what they call "modular kitchens" these days it is good as a customer to know what exactly is a "Modular Kitchen".

So here it is....

1. As the name suggests a "Modular" Kitchen consists of modules that are assembled together. Each module consisting of the Carcass (box) and the shutter is independent and can be taken in and out of the full unit separately. This also helps in repair work when the kitchen ages as for example, you can completely replace the wet unit (unit under the washbasin) if it spoils after some years of use without disrupting the rest of the kitchen.

2.  The Carcass in a Modular kitchen rests on 3-4 inch legs, typically 4 legs under each module. It does not rest on a wooden plank. The legs are hidden behind a PVC (not wood) skirting. The legs & the PVC skirting help because (a) As mentioned in point 1 earlier the unit/ module can be independently moved in & out and (2) the wood does not touch the ground, hence no chances of any damage caused by water, mop etc.

3. Height is usually more than the normal kitchen. Most designers (Carpenters) would keep the height as 32 inches and this is usually what the builder also gives. However typical Modular Kitchens will have a height around 36 inches.It is good to keep this height because (1) We Indian women are nowadays taller than in the past :-) and therefore it is more convenient to work on a higher slab and (2) If you want to fit a dishwhasher under the slab it will not fit in 32 inches and (3) A higher height gives you more storage space underneath.

4. While steel baskets and accessories in the drawers etc. are good, they nowadays cost the same as soft closing drawers & by that I mean the same price as Hettich Innotech drawers ( which are considered as amongst the best drawer systems in the world. The choice is however left to the individual.

I guess thats it. I am sure this will give one enough gyan to "sound" intelligent and knowledgable to your designer/ carpenter so that he does not take you for a ride.

Happy home making


PS: If you have a question to ask then please note: On Nov 15th 2017 we have launched the Q&A module on The Studio website. The Q&A interface on this blog was unable to scale to the number of questions that we have been getting - you would have noticed being unable to  scroll down to a question once the number of questions below a certain post increases beyond a certain limit. 

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